Release Notes (March 2023)

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Version 1.0.271

March 16, 2023

What's New?
  • Added a WhatsApp log to show messages sent per customer
  • Tag filter added to WhatsApp integration

Version 1.0.270

March 13, 2023

What's New?
  • Type 2 supplier bill has been added to the supplier dashboard.
  • Grid enhancements have been added to the depot stock.
  • Geocodes are now included when generating customer list from CSV dashboard.
  • Print option is now available in round closing, round returns, round damages, and driver's orders.

Bug Fixes
  • The issue from the customer dashboard - hide products where the message "sorry! you cannot delete this item" doesn't go away even after moving to another product that can be deleted is now fixed.
  • The issue where opening a customer that has no products added to their accounts, then while opening the standing orders an error occurs has been fixed.

Version 1.0.269

March 10, 2023

What's New?
  • Creating and modifying collectors are moved to the file maintenance menu
  • Customer sequence options moved to the customer selection screen.
  • Round Maintenance menu from file maintenance has been removed.
  • Grid enhancements added in round stock.

Version 1.0.268

March 08, 2023

What's New?
  • Standing orders are now visible in grid view and are colour coded.
  • The customer dashboard now includes an "inactive weeks" column, which indicates the activity status and the duration of inactivity for each item.
  • Added a new report to print customer price list without RRP and discounts.

Version 1.0.267

March 06, 2023

What's New?
  • There is a 15% increase in speed for weekending.
  • The Customer returns summary report in Excel has undergone significant speed improvement.
  • Grid enhancements have been made to supplier deliveries and the customer price window.
  • A new column with color codes has been added to the customer price window to show inactive weeks.
  • There is now an option to apply a single percentage discount to all items in the customer price window.
  • Reports dashboard has been reorganized

Version 1.0.265

March 01, 2023

What's New?
  • The record for a customer who cancels their order for the day, regardless of having standing orders in place, will be marked as canceled and struck out.
  • A new report showing a list of customers who have not placed orders via WhatsApp.

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