Release Notes 2024

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Version 1.0.335

March 19, 2024

What's New?
  • Addition of customer inventory or stock with customers' report for consignments.
  • Implemented round and depot inventory reports for consignments.
  • An option has been added to include an email address in the supplier modification screen.
  • Inserted a new column within the supplier price change window, facilitating the updating of supplier references or their respective product codes.
  • Added an option to include supplier reference codes for rounds in round stock - modify screen.
  • Implemented a feature enabling one-click emailing of supplier orders directly from the supplier dashboard - purchase order section.
  • "Mobile 1" in round stock will now replace the default mobile number set in system variables for invoices printed from the desktop.
  • A new sheet displaying transactions by week has been added to the Excel transaction listing report.
  • The audit log will now display the transaction ID of the updated transaction, even if the ID remains unchanged.
  • A new CSV report has been added to export linked accounts.
  • Established a custom order rule for each round, enabling the exclusion of specific groups, product categories, or product codes during weekending when round orders are based on previous weeks' customer sales.
  • Driver orders are now rounded based on the product's minimum order quantity during weekending.  
  • Included minimum order quantity in the product list CSV.
  • Minimum order qty for a product can now be updated from the product creation and modify form.

Version 1.0.326

January 25, 2024

What's New?
  • Transferred 90% of backup file data to the cloud, enhancing speed and decreasing storage usage on computers.
  • Improved speed when generating bulk invoices.
  • Enhanced Excel report for weekly customer returns to better analyze deliveries and returns.
  • Reduced weekending processing time by more than 50%.
  • Enabled modification of Payment, Adjustment, and Credit Note transactions.
  • Added audit log for modified transactions. 

Version 1.0.321

January 15, 2024

What's New?
  • Implemented an audit log for bookout adjustments, which can be found in "make bookout adjustments" within round stock.
  • The Selected Product Sales on Depot Stock Dashboard now displays weekly deliveries for a selected product instead of daily deliveries. 
  • The Reports dashboard now has a new report: a supplier payments listing accessible from the payment list window. 

Bug Fixes
  •  Resolved the issue "please close PDF file" error message appearing when attempting to open collection lists with no records to display. 
  •  Fixed a bug in the payment listing that prevented the report from opening when selecting all payday for a round. 

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