Release Notes (January 2023)

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Version 1.0.260

January 30, 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error in the storeman dashboard which causes the system to crash when round numbers are not entered. 
  • Fixed error caused by clicking modify customers in classic view.

Version 1.0.259

January 28, 2023

What's New?
  • Shortcut keys for payment, transactions are added to supplier dashboard

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed auto-resize, so creating a new customer form will automatically adapt to the user settings.
  • Fixed a bug where sub and parent accounts are not saving when creating a customer from the backup week

Version 1.0.258

January 27, 2023

What's New?
  • Create and Modify customer form has been re-designed with more options and details that can be added.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed errors when loading backup week
  • Fixed error in the customer dashboard where the customer name doesn't show up when no products are added.
  • Fixed the "access denied" error showing every time the customer dashboard was opened for users where payment entry was restricted.
  • Fixed error "file not found" when trying to open past credit notes from transactions.

Version 1.0.257

January 24, 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed errors when loading backup week

Version 1.0.256

January 23, 2023

What's New?
  • Multiple groups can now be excluded from driver orders.

Version 1.0.255

January 02, 2023

What's New?
  • Weekly delivery notes are now available both on the Customer dashboard and the Reports Dashboard.

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