How to setup WhatsApp Integration

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Here are some use cases for this feature:

1-    Enables the bulk transmission of WhatsApp template messages to customers.

2-    Can be used for delivering reminders or template messages to customers.

3-    Sends reminders to customers who place advance orders but haven't placed their orders by the specified deadline.

Setup Guide:

Step 1. WhatsApp Business API Application: 

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Gumtrue with Fresh chat, one of the multiple WhatsApp Business API partners that Gumtrue supports. If you already use Freshchat for customer service, it's a great option to consider since Freshchat doesn't charge any additional fees to use the WhatsApp API. However, it's worth noting that the integration isn't exclusive to Fresh chat. You can also use the WhatsApp API directly from Facebook or other suppliers like Twilio. 

Email to get template messages approved. (template should be in Excel format)

Template sample:

After approval, Freshchat's email confirmation will include the namespace. This namespace will be required later for adding it in the System variables of Gumtrue.

Step 2. Get the API Token and URL from Freshchat. 

If you are using Fresh chat Omnichannel:

If you are using Fresh chat CRM:

This API Token and URL will be required later for adding it in the System variables of Gumtrue. 

Step 3. Add API Connection details to Gumtrue. 

To access the relevant settings, navigate to the Control Panel in Gumtrue's Main Menu, then proceed to System Variables and locate the setting names that begin with "fc".

- Copy the Token from Step 2 and provide it to us so we can update it for you from the backend

- Paste the approved template names separated by commas. 

- Paste the Namespaces that was copied in step 1.

- Add your WhatsApp number. e.g.: +443303900809

How it works

1. From the Main Menu, go to Control panel, and on the left-hand side, under Integrations, click WhatsApp.

Customer Filter Explained:

ALL: The chosen template will be sent to ALL customers who have WhatsApp numbers.

No Orders: The chosen template will be sent to customers who have WhatsApp numbers if the following conditions are met.

  1. The customer is marked to have a delivery for the following day.
  2. There are no orders entered for the customer for the following day.

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