Entering an Adjustment Sale for a Customer (Manual Invoice Posting)

Modified on Mon, 20 Mar, 2023 at 2:38 PM

Missed entries, wrong entries, overcharged, wrong price – these small mistakes, no matter how much you try to avoid, are inevitable.

This feature allows you to fix that mistake. Below are the situations and solutions that may help you out.


A. We forgot to enter the whole week's order for a customer on xx date. How can we add that transaction in the current week after making the invoice from the backup week?


Note: Changes made in the backup weeks will not update any records of the current week.


1. Make sure you are in the current week.

2. From the Main Menu, select Data Entry.

3. From Data Entry, select Customers.

4. Select the customer you want to copy the prices from. You may also narrow down your customer list by, entering the round number and/or customer number on the search bar.


5. Once inside the customer dashboard, on the lower left-hand side, click Adjustment (Increase)


Note: Since there was no entry made for the whole backup week, it won’t create a transaction in the customer statement thus, updating the invoice won’t be possible, and a new adjustment transaction has to be added manually.


            You can still create an invoice from the backup week to give to the customer.





6. A small window will appear which you need to fill out to enter the adjustments.

  • Reason – Reason for the Adjustment (i.e., Missed Invoice + Weekending     Date)
  • This Adj. Amount – The total amount of the backup weeks invoice before Taxes
  • VAT – VAT amount applied on the invoice.



7. Press Escape or Enter after entering the balance, and click Save






8. From the Main Menu, Select More Options then click on Customer Transactions or on your keyboard, press CTRL+Q. A window should appear showing the adjustment that has been made 






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