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Posted about 4 years ago by Jamshid

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Purchase order - printing out requirement per supplier for that particular day 

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Palwinder posted over 3 years ago

We would like drivers orders to go to suppliers via email. 

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Ricky posted almost 4 years ago

Let me explain our workflow for purchase ordering. 

1- We don't have a warehouse. 

2- For some of our customers,  we get their goods delivered by our suppliers directly. We call them direct delivery customers. Once these customers place the orders, we email them to our suppliers. 

3- Our drivers pick goods from multiple suppliers before they go on the round. (Sometimes we place these orders in advance). 

4- We would like drivers to see list of authorized suppliers on mobile for the purpose of entering goods they pick or place purchase orders themselves in advance.

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Pawan posted about 4 years ago

This is a feature we would like as well. Things to consider in our operations are below:

- Last 4 weeks driver orders avg.

- Min order qty

- Min stock level for each product.

- Lead times (24 hours, 48 hours) for each product

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